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Water Damage and How it Relates to Mold

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Good ol Stacky

So picture this!

You come home and heard the sound of water pouring but you don't know where it is coming from since it is not raining. So you run down to your to your basement and it is raining; IN YOUR BASEMENT!!  After you get over your initial shock you call SERVPRO of EAST CENTRAL MORRIS COUNTY and let us get to work. Here are a few things that you need to know about Mold that could make this situation go from bad to worse.(If you did not call the professionals to handle it of course lol)

Mold is a type of Fungi and it can be found everywhere, prolonged exposure to excessive moisture enables microbes to flourish. If a water damaged environment is not promptly and properly restored many environmental microbes such as odor causing bacteria and fungi will colonize, grow, and amplify on building materials.

It is highly recommended that persons responsible for the restoration of water damaged environments understand how water damage promotes microbial growth. 

There are 5 growing conditions that are requirements for mold growth. Altering or removing one or more of these conditions best obtains effective elimination and/or prevention of mold. 

    • Most fungi grows best while feeding on organic materials, they cannot manufacture their own food and must feed on products like wood, carpet backing, dust, lint etc
  2. Moisture
    • The most critical requirement for fungal growth is moisture. It is essential for the metabolic activities of Fungi. Spore remain dormant when materials are dry and humidity is below 60%. 
  3. Stagnant Air 
    • Mold does not grow well where there is good air ventilation.
  4. Temperature
    • The most optimal teperature for fungi to grow is between 68 degrees F to 86 degrees F
  5. Darkness
    • Mold grows best in total darkness; exposure to light will retard its growth and allow for more complete treatment

Hopefully this will give you some info you did not know before. Of course If you suspect mold or another type of Fungi definitely call SERVPRO of East Central Morris County. 

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