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Your Local Expert on Commercial Restoration Processes

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

A hard hat and building plans are on a table in front of a construction site. SERVPRO of SW Onondaga is available to assist in commercial property restoration projects. Call our office today to learn more.

If a commercial property has been damaged by water, fire or mold, it is important that the company you hire should be an experienced disaster restoration company. Commercial properties require additional knowledge. We are the local experts in commercial repair and restoration. Our team has been called upon multiple times to manage and restore large commercial property, including properties that are accessible to the public and those used for private profit. Our team is responsive, knowledgeable and quick and we have been trusted as a repeat contract when these properties are damaged. We provide transparency and communicate clearly throughout the construction process. We can scale up quickly and offer additional equipment and labor as necessary. We can work in multiple shifts to speed up the process and reduce property loss. Additional services that we can provide include construction, junk removal and painting.

We can help you if your commercial property is in need of repair. Call us to review your property and schedule a meeting to discuss your project today. 

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO Employee is cleaning auditorium chairs after a fire. SERVPRO's Commercial Fire Damage Restoration & Clean Up Services Are 2nd to None! Call us 24 hours a day.

Experienced disaster restoration teams are required to restore commercial fire damage. Team Luzzi is one of the nation's most experienced and extensive SERVPRO Franchise owner group. Some of the country's most densely populated places, like New York City, include our franchise locations that span over 80,000 miles in New York, New Jersey & New England. 

Once on the scene your project manager can quickly assess the damage, and provide immediate board up or tarp cover services. This will help protect your building and allow us to move any property within the building to a safe place. Your assigned commercial project manger will then coordinate a workforce that is appropriate for the property. We may work in multiple shifts as needed to clean up smoke damage and remove soot from your property. We move fast because we know that the quicker we remove and clean items from a building, the better we will be able recover them. We will also be prepared to clean up water damage which usually occurs after a fire has been out. We are ready and available to provide several services simultaneously.

Your project manager will provide an estimate without obligation to reconstruct your building after the restoration is complete. Our team includes skilled contractors that are able to provide full-scale construction services in commercial applications.

Contact us immediately if there is any fire damage to commercial property. Team Luzzi provides transparent and complete oversight for your project so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Fire Damage Repair/Cleaning Parsippany New Jersey

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Fire truck hoses on the road after a hire has damaged a home. SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville is available when fire causes damage to your residential or commercial property. Call us 24/7!

It can be very chaotic when a fire causes damage to commercial or residential properties. Even a small fire may cause damage that can require cleanup that might seem impossible. SERVPRO can take over complete restoration of your property and remove all stress and pain caused by this labor intensive cleaning process.

We are available for labor and work 24/7. In other words, we can rapidly scale up our labor force to complete a project quickly but with precision. Cleaning up after a fire quickly is a great way to reduce the damage from smoke odors, soot and other toxins. We are diligent in cleaning all surfaces.

After we have removed all evidence from the fire, we will assess the damage and offer repair/construction services. Our team is always available to help and will begin construction as soon your insurance provider and you approve all estimates.

We offer transparent pricing and keep you up-to-date about all construction progress. Even in these situations, we can provide many services including plumbing, electric and appliance installation, insulation as well as painting, finishing carpentry and other related services.

Call us 24/7!

Historical Building Preservation & Renovation New Jersey

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

A building is under construction bare studs can be seen. SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville offers complete reconstruction services. Call us today to learn more.

We have been providing historical building restoration services for New England, New York and New Jersey for many years.

Water damage can occur from weather and storm wear to these types buildings. Long-term water damage can be devastating to the structure of the building. It is best to hire experts like our team who will determine the most efficient and minimally disruptive ways of restoring the property. We are well-equipped with moisture testing equipment, so that we can correctly determine what materials can and cannot be saved or repaired and what needs to be replaced. We can then provide air moving solutions and dehumidification solutions to remove moisture from the air, and completely clean the property. After cleaning and preparation are complete, the property can be reconstructed.

We can help if your property is suffering from water damage or wear and tear due to storms. We can help with everything from simple dehumidification equipment rentals to complex projects such as the modification and reconstruction of these properties. To learn more, call us.

Commercial Property Construction & Damage Repair Services

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Construction manager is overseeing a worksite. SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville offers commercial property construction and damage repair services, call us today.

We are the team that you call if your residential or commercial property has been damaged by water, fire or other unexpected disasters. As a SERVPRO Franchise, we are a leading disaster restoration company in the country and have earned this reputation through the quality of our services. However, many people are unaware that we are also a full-service contractor, available to help with any type of property restoration or reconstruction. We integrate seamlessly from disaster restoration through repair to completion.

This is true for both commercial and residential properties. We offer large-scale construction and restoration services to commercial properties. So you can quickly get your business back in operation, from repairing it to rebuilding it.

We respond quickly to any disaster situation, including water damage and fire damage. Assisting in the cleanup of the disaster. We will make every effort to keep your commercial property available and open by containing the catastrophe and walling off dangerous areas. We ensure that the site is kept clean and free from damage.

After the disaster is cleared and the property has been prepared for restoration, we are ready to start construction. We will be transparent with you about the cost of all services.

Fire Clean Up and Damage Repair Available 24/7

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Trucks & Vans parked outside a building. SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville is available when your property requires emergency fire restoration services.

Fire can quickly cause property damage that is so severe it becomes overwhelming. Assessing the damage can be complicated and, depending on the extent of it, you will need to make many quick decisions. Our team will help you navigate this process and take some of the weight off your shoulders. A project manager will inspect the property upon first arrival and offer assistance if the fire has damaged the property. If there is only one area that has been damaged by the fire, our team will try to stop further odor damage through containment.

Once we have established contact with you and your insurer, we can immediately start restoration. We are quick to reduce the time it takes to restore the property. Once we have all the information necessary for your insurance company, we will be able to provide it with the details so you know what the costs are. Finally, we will provide you with transparent pricing and up-front information for any repairs or reconstructions that may be required. This allows you speedily submit your reconstruction estimates and to avoid paying for unnecessary services that are most likely not covered by your insurance. SERVPRO's guarantee for high quality workmanship is included in all of our construction work. You can be confident that it will be done properly.

Storm Mitigation and Damage Repair New Jersey

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

A construction site with new drywall installed SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville is available when your property is damaged by a storm, call us 24/7.

If your property is damaged by a storm you need to hire a company that has experience in restoring this type of damaged property and protecting it from further damage. Although it may seem obvious, hiring a professional to handle this type of work will help you avoid costly mistakes that can only worsen the problem.

Window Boarding up and Tarping Services

Owners may be able to plan ahead for storm arrivals by using weather forecasts. These situations are when we can provide services such as window boards up, sandbag placing and other protective services to help prevent further damage. To prevent further damage from the outside elements after a storm, we also offer services these services. This can reduce damage and the time taken to repair or restore a property damaged by a storm.

Once the property is secured, we will begin the restoration of the building. First, we will clean up all debris and dry the property as needed. We will also bring any equipment required, including generators, dehumidifiers, and other devices. To keep the project moving forward, we will provide labor as needed. In some cases, this may be in multiple shifts.

24/7 Water Damage Response Team

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Water is leaking on a black tile floor SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville provides water damage repair and clean up services 24 hours, 7 days a week.

SERVPRO is synonymous with Water Damage Restoration. We are the experts when it comes to water damage restoration and repair. Our decades of experience in water damage repair and reconstruction is well-thought and calculated. To prevent property and building materials from being lost to water damage, we employ the most up-to-date technology. We constantly train to improve our ability to repair and restore property that has been damaged by water.

There are several common disasters that can cause water damage. For example, flooding and storms can occur at any time and in any area. Rainwater and other harmful sources of water can get into your property after a storm damages it. This will cause mold growth and other damage to your property. Our project managers will respond quickly and work tirelessly to avoid as much damage as possible.

Water damage can also be caused by leaking pipes and backups. If this happens, your property will once again become saturated with bacterial and waste-laden water. This will make it difficult to clean and remove any building materials. The water supply is clean in the event of a burst or leaking water pipe. If you act quickly, our equipment and knowledge can help you avoid any unnecessary construction or material removal.

We offer free on-site estimates to help you quickly start restoration services if your property has suffered water damage. We can work with insurance companies and provide daily updates and communication as we restore property to preloss condition. We are available around the clock and can be reached at any hour.

Disaster Repair Services are Only the Beginning, Learn How SERVPRO can help you.

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

A hard hat and building plans are on a table in front of a construction site. SERVPRO of Parsippany/Montville offers a full range os restoration services, call us today to learn more.

There are many options to make when your property is suddenly damaged. One option that always makes sense is to call SERVPRO.

A project manager can help you choose the right level of service for you. For example, if damage to your property has caused the interior to be exposed to the exterior (i.e. Broken windows or doors, damage to the roof or structure from a fire or storm, etc.) We can provide tarping and board up services to protect your property against further damage. We can then offer additional services, such cleaning up and removing any debris or damage. We can provide dehumidification or water removal equipment to significantly reduce humidity and prevent mold growth if the damage has been there for a while.

Once we have provided you restoration services, we'll have a working knowledge on your property as well as the construction services needed to complete the repair. SERVPRO's Guarantee backs all of our work. Most importantly, SERVPRO Franchises can be found in your local community. We are always there to help, available 24 hours per day, 7-days a week.

Storm Damage Repair You Can Count On 24/7

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Lighting streaks across a night sky. SERVPRO Storm Response is Second to None. Call us when weather damages your property.

Weather forecasts that call for heavy rains and wind can cause flooding. We seek shelter to keep ourselves dry and safe. Shelters such as our homes, offices buildings, schools and retail locations, are designed to withstand weather conditions and keep the elements out of the property's interior. This is vital for several reasons. First, it provides immediate relief from the weather. We are generally safer indoors than we are outdoors. And, because indoor spaces are well-designed, we can enjoy them all year long with minimal upkeep. We must be prepared for repairs when our indoor spaces fail to provide the same level of safety that we are accustomed to.

Storm damage can cause significant damage to your commercial or residential property. SERVPRO can help in many cases reduce costs for both types of damage. Our team can provide both construction and restoration services. This will reduce the labor and material needed to complete the job. By doing this, you can save money and avoid wasting good materials.

We have seen it all, and can help. To speak with a project manager, call us today. We will explain all the available services and how we can assist you.